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Frequently Asked Question

What is iCAB?

iCAB is Winnipeg’s own ridehailing app to provide safe and quick cashless rides with low fares and friendly drivers.

How does iCAB treats its drivers?

We understand that our drivers are our first point of contact to our passengers and deserve a satisfactory treatment from us so they can go beyond and provide the service which we want our customers to get from us.All drivers are looked after to provide a service with smile. We also limit our driver numbers to provide enough rides to all drivers so they can rely on us.

Why there was a charge on my credit card?

When you book a ride in the app,the estimated fare is pre-authorized to check if the card is active and with enough funds to cover the ride fare. the actual charge occurs after driver drops the customer at the destination. In the event of no ride, pre-authorized charge will refund itself depending on your bank.

What happens if I cancel or don’t show up for my ride?

You can cancel a ride within 2 minutes after it was accepted by a driver but if driver is on the way after 2 minutes or a customer does not show up after 3minutes of driver arrival, there is a $5 charge to cover the costs with gas and time.

Why was I charged for cancelled ride?

When the ride is booked fare will be pre-authorized and when the ride is cancelled pre-auth will be refunded by itself based on the bank’s processing time.

Can I pre-book a ride?

Ride can be booked on the app by choosing a book later option. The fare will be pre-authorized in advance as soon as you book the ride and if the ride is cancelled the fare will be refunded automatically. Cancellation charge will be charged if the trip is cancelled after it was started by the driver.

How to add tips for the driver?

After the ride has started, you will be given an option on the app to tip the driver. Tips can also pre-selected before booking a ride.

Can we book multi destination ride?

Yes, simply select your pickup place,first destination and  click on add option to select the third destination for the ride.

How do I resolve complaints with iCAB?

Email us at

What happens if I forget an item in a iCAB?

Please contact driver from last ride details in app otherwise use lost and found link on our website.